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o About METVA

Wondering what METVA does, what sort of deals we offer and what form you need to fill in to get an account here? This will probably explain what the story is.

o Netway-JRD pages.

As an organization Enno has an interest in, Netway keeps some pages here about their AVL (vehicle tracking) and other GPS based projects. Information is also here on the DataMaster line of mobile data communications devices Netway has developed in co-operation with JRD Communications.

o AUUG-Vic pages

As the final president of the old AUUG's Victorian Chapter I still keep some information on here. The intent is to keep trying to arrange one or two meetings of interested folk per year.

o Enno - some personal pages I keep here.

I keep some personal information on-line here. There used to be a lot of stuff here but as the years pass my inclination to blab a bunch of personal stuff to world+dog is declining. C'est la vie.

o Some opinions and ideas. Enter at your own risk

Occasionally I have things I want to say. I may or may not have said some of those things here.